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Call for entries AfryKamera 2010 - deadline 28th February

If you are interested in submitting your movie to AfryKamera, please fill out the entry form and send DVD or VHS screener to the below address by the 28th February.

Festival center: Festival is based in Warsaw. All films are screened in Warsaw with fewer screenings in several other towns.

Time period: May (17 – 30 May 2010)


28th February 2010

For further information please see entry form: (
and guidelines:(


Knowledge about contemporary African realities amongst the general Polish population is inevitably very scarce, despite general interest in Africa as an ‘exotic place’.   Poland, however, has an important foothold on the continent, over decades training hundreds of professionals from different African countries and participating in a range of development and infrastructure projects.

The first AfryKamera Film Festival was organized by FilmGramm Foundation in cooperation with the South African Embassy during the months of April-June 2006.  It aimed to use cinematography to bring Africa to the attention of the Polish public. The 1st AfryKamera premiered in Warsaw and also ran in Krakow, Poznan, Lodz, Torun and Konin. Since the very 1st edition, AfryKamera has been well covered in the Polish media, which confirms the great marketing potential of such an event for Africa in general.

AfryKamera has occupied a niche in the film festival market – although there are many international film festivals, they generally show a limited range of African films.  There is still  potential for the festival to explore new avenues not only in cinematography, but also in the presentation of African art, music, and culture.

AfryKamera intends to be a stable and important part of the festival landscape, not only in regards to cinematography, but also in other cultural areas. We intend to achieve this by:
* Creating an important Award in the region of Central-Eastern Europe for African films created in the last few years.
* Presenting the most interesting movies from the classics to modern films
* Promotion of other aspects of African culture by organizing adjacent events.

1. General Film Guidelines

All feature films, short films and documentaries which satisfy the conditions below are eligible for the general programme:
•    Films must satisfy one or both of the below conditions:
    - the film must be set in Africa;
    - the director of the film must be of African origin;
    - the film must relate to issues, which directly or indirectly concern the historical or current social, economic or cultural situation in African.
•    Films must not have been screened in previous editions of AfryKamera.
•    Production dates for the movie are no older than 2006.
•    Films should be submitted in DVD or VHS format for preview screening. Final screening format is 35mm, DV, DVD, exceptionally BETA od DigiBETA.

2. Entry to the Festival

Deadline for entry is 28th February.
All screeners (DVD/VHS) must be sent to the below address:

AfryKamera Film Festival
ul. Miła 1
62-510 Konin

Entering the film to the Festival does in no way hinder the producer's or distributor's right to a screening fee.

3. Film Competition

All feature films and documentaries selected are eligible for the Jury Award and the Audience Award.
A short film award is currently under consideration.

4. Screening DVD/VHS

Preview cassette tapes/dvd's are to be sent at entrants' expense and these will not be returned unless specifically requested (at the expense of the festival organiser). VHS cassettes/dvd's retained by the festival will be used for non-circulating reference in its archive.

5. Scheduling of Screenings

Scheduling the screening of films is the responsibility of the festival management. The dates, times and venues of exhibition of films shall be at the discretion of the festival. No film, once programmed, may be withdrawn from the festival.

6.     Dispatch and Return of Prints and DVDs

Dispatch of prints to and from the festival and related expenses are the responsibilty of organisers. However should a screening product come from another festival, the prior festival is responsible for shipping and postal expenses.

7.  Acceptance of regulations

Entry and participation of films will be taken as acceptance of the above regulations.

Entries and enquiries should be sent to:

Przemek Stępień
AfryKamera Film Festival
ul. Miła 1
62-510 Konin

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Czym jest Afrykamera?

AfryKamera to projekt autorski paru
zapaleńców. Dzięki wsparciu innych
równie pokręconych i surrealisty- cznych ludzi udało się zrealizować pierwszą jej odsłonę wiosną 2006 r.

Nie było idealnie. Ale inicjatywa okazała się sukcesem. AfryKamera ma na celu wpływać pozytywnie na postrzeganie Afryki w Polsce. Jest smutek i płacz, ale jest też radość i muzyka. Kontynent różnorodny i pełen kontrastów. Zapraszamy więc na nasz polsko-afrykański dialog kulturalny.
WHEN WE WERE BLACK (Kiedy byliśmy czarni)

Opowieść o dojrzewaniu i historia młodzieńczego romansu w czasach, kiedy kolor skóry określało, czy jesteś w pełni człowiekiem. Akcja umiejscowiona jest w przełomowym 1976 roku -  w tym...

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